Real world company prefixes

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8A 8B 8C 8D 8E 8F 8G 8H 8I 8J 8K 8L 8M 8N 8O 8P 8Q 8R 8S 8T 8U 8V 8W 8X 8Y 8Z
1 8A Arctic Air A.S. ICAO: AKR, Callsign: Arctic Norway, Founded in 1996. Ceased operations on 30 March 2003. Filed for bankruptcy in November 2003. N AVCODES
2 8A Astro Air International, Inc. ICAO: AAV, Callsign: Astro-Phil, Ceased operations RP AVCODES
3 8A Arrow Panama, S.A. ICAO: WAP, Callsign: Arrow Panama, Ceased operations PA AVCODES
4 8A Atlas Blue ICAO: BMM, Callsign: Atlas Blue, Low cost subsidary of Royal Air Maroc. Established on 28 May 2004 and started operations on 26 July 2004. Merged back into Royal Air Maroc by end 2009. MA AVCODES
5 8A Panama Airways IATA Prefix: 691, PA AVCODES
6 8B Caribbean Star Airlines Limited ICAO: GFI, Callsign: Carib Star, IATA Prefix: 557, Merged with LIAT AG AVCODES
7 8B Bremenfly GmbH ICAO: BFY, Callsign: Borgwardt, Airline handed back its aCO on 03 November 2010. D AVCODES
8 8B PT. Transnusa Aviation Mandiri ICAO: TNU, Callsign: Transnusa, RI AVCODES
9 8B Business Air Centre Co. Ltd. t/a Business Air ICAO: BCC, Callsign: Thai Biz, T AVCODES
10 8C Air Transport International LLC ICAO: ATN, Callsign: Air Transport, USA AVCODES
11 8C Shanxi Airlines ICAO: CXI, Callsign: Shanxi, merged with China Xinhua Airlines and Chang An Airlines to form Grand China Air, a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines in 2009. PRC AVCODES
12 8C Air Horizon S.A. C.A. Designator 8C* recalled by IATA TG AVCODES
13 8C East Star Airlines Limited Corporation ICAO: DXH, Callsign: East Star, The airline received its air-operators certificate from the CAAC on 10 June 2005, and started operations on 19 May 2006. Ceased operations on 15 March 2009. PRC AVCODES
14 8C Cotai Ferry Company Limited   MAC AVCODES
16 8D Expo Aviation (Pvt.) Limited ICAO: EXV, Callsign: Expoavia, IATA Prefix: 319, Name changed to FITS Aviation (Pvt) Ltd. CL AVCODES
17 8D Volare Airlines S.p.A. ICAO: VLE, Callsign: Revola, IATA designator changed to VA w.e.f. 31 March 2002. I AVCODES
18 8D Astair ICAO: SUW, Callsign: Astair, Name changed to Interavia Airlines RUS AVCODES
19 8D Servant Air, Inc. Designator 8D* recalled by IATA USA AVCODES
20 8D FITS Aviation (Pvt) Ltd ICAO: EXV, Callsign: Expoavia, IATA Prefix: 319, Name changed from Expo Aviation (Pvt.) Limited CL AVCODES
21 8E Bering Air, Inc. ICAO: BRG, Callsign: Bering Air, Designator 8E re-instated by IATA USA AVCODES
22 8E Easy Fly Express Limited ICAO: EFX, Callsign: Easy Express, IATA Prefix: 766, BD AVCODES
23 8F Fischer Air s.r.o. ICAO: FFR, Callsign: Fischer, Designator 8F reinstated by IATA. Established on 26 July 1996 and started operations on 30 April 1997. Ceased operations in 2005 CZ AVCODES
24 8F PT Cardig Air ICAO: CAD, Callsign: Cardig Air, IATA Prefix: 690, Designator 8F* recalled by IATA. RI AVCODES
25 8F STP Airways ICAO: STP, Callsign: Saotome Airways, IATA designator changed from 5A* STP AVCODES
26 8G Angel Airlines Co., Ltd. ICAO: NGE, Callsign: Angel Air, Founded in 1997. Ceased operations in 2006. Designator 8G reinstated by IATA T AVCODES
27 8G Gulf & Caribbean Cargo, Inc d/b/a Gulf & Caribbean Air Designator 8G* recalled by IATA USA AVCODES
28 8G Gestion Aerea Ejecutiva, S.L. ICAO: GJT, Callsign: Banjet, IATA Prefix: 395, Founded on 28 Febraury 2003. Commenced operations on 31 July 2003. AOL revoked by April 2008. E AVCODES
29 8G Instone Air Services Ltd. t/a Instone Air Designator 8G* recalled by IATA GB AVCODES
30 8G Mid Africa Aviation ICAO: MFG, Callsign: Mid Africa, IATA Prefix: 357, WAG AVCODES
31 8G Mid Africa Aviation Company Limited t/a Fly Mid Africa ICAO: MFG, Callsign: Mid Africa, IATA Prefix: 357, WAG AVCODES
32 8G Aero Dili Transport Services S.A. d/b/a AERO DILI ICAO: DTL, Callsign: Aero Dili, TL AVCODES
33 8H Equaflight Service ICAO: EKA, Callsign: Equaflight, Designator 8H* recalled by IATA. Designator 8H* reinstated by IATA RCB AVCODES
34 8H Heli France ICAO: HFR, Callsign: Helifrance, Designator 8H recalled by IATA. Designator MY recalled by IATA F AVCODES
35 8H Highland Airways Limited ICAO: HWY, Callsign: Hiway, Ceased operations on 24 March 2010. Designator 8H reinstated by IATA GB AVCODES
36 8H BH Air Ltd. ICAO: BGH, Callsign: Balkan Holidays, Founded in 2001. Commenced operations in January 2002. IATA prefox code 366 recalled. BG AVCODES
37 8H BH Air Ltd. ICAO: BGH, Callsign: Balkan Holidays, Founded in 2001. Commenced operations in January 2002. IATA prefox code 366 recalled. BG AVCODES
38 8I My Way Airline Srl ICAO: MYW, Callsign: Frankie, Designator 8I reinstated by IATA. The airline was established in 2004 and started operations on 17 December 2004. Ceased operations 24 July 2009. I AVCODES
39 8I InselAir Aruba N.V. d/b/a InselAir Aruba ICAO: NLU, Callsign: Insel Aruba, IATA Prefix: 778, Ceased operations on 07 june 2017. ARU AVCODES
40 8I Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos Ltda d/b/a ITA ICAO: IPM, Callsign: Aeroita, Founded on 23 September 2020. Commenced operations on 29/06/2021. Ceased operations on 17 December 2021. AOC revoked on 05 May 2022. BR AVCODES
41 8J Joint-Stock Company Komiinteravia ICAO: KMV, Callsign: Komiinter, Name changed to Komiinteravia Joint-Stock Company RUS AVCODES
42 8J Komiinteravia Joint-Stock Company ICAO: KMV, Callsign: Komiinter, Name changed from Joint-Stock Company Komiinteravia. Founded in March 1996 RUS AVCODES
43 8J Societe D'Investissement Name changed to Jet4you MA AVCODES
44 8J Jet4You ICAO: JFU, Callsign: Argan, Commenced operations on 26 February 2006. Ceased operations in April 2012. Name changed from Societe D'Investissement MA AVCODES
45 8J Linea Aerea Eco Jet S.A. ICAO: ECO, BOL AVCODES
46 8K Air Ostrava ICAO: VTR, Callsign: Vitek, Ceased operations in 2000. CZ AVCODES
47 8K Air Muskoka ICAO: AMS, Callsign: Air Muskoka, Designator recalled by IATA CDN AVCODES
48 8K Angel Airlines, S.A. ICAO: KOZ, Callsign: Angel Wings, IATA Prefix: 650, Founded in August 2001. Declared bankruptcy and ceased operations in 2004. Designator 8K recalled by IATA RO AVCODES
49 8K K-Mile Air Co. Ltd. ICAO: KMI, T AVCODES
50 8K Exploits Valley Air Services Ltd   CDN AVCODES
51 8L Cargo Plus Aviation, Inc. IATA Prefix: 981, UAE AVCODES
52 8L Redhill Aviation Ltd. ICAO: RHC, Callsign: Redair, Designator 8L* recalled by IATA GB AVCODES
53 8L Newair A/S ICAO: NAW, Callsign: Newdan, Designator 8L* recalled by IATA DK AVCODES
54 8L Grand International Airways, Inc. ICAO: GDI, RP AVCODES
55 8L Lucky Air Co. Ltd ICAO: LKE, Callsign: Lucky Air, IATA Prefix: 859, PRC AVCODES
56 8M Maxair ICAO: MXL, Callsign: Maxair, Ceased operations S AVCODES
57 8M Mahalo Air, Inc. ICAO: MLH, Callsign: Mahalo, USA AVCODES
58 8M Myanmar Airways International Company Ltd. ICAO: MMA, Callsign: Myanmar, IATA Prefix: 599, MYA AVCODES
59 8N Nordkalottflyg AB ICAO: NKF, Callsign: Nordflight, Designator 8N* recalled by IATA. Designator 8N* reinstated by IATA S AVCODES
60 8N Regional Air Services Limited ICAO: REG, Callsign: Regional Services, EAT AVCODES
61 8N Aerodynamics, Inc. ICAO: DYN, Callsign: Aerodynamics, Designator changed to 4A. Name changed from Aero Dynamics, Inc. ICAO callsign from Aero Dynamic. IATA designator changed from Y7*. USA AVCODES
62 8N Flagship Airlines, Inc. ICAO: FLG, USA AVCODES
63 8O West Coast Air Designator 8O recalled by IATA CDN AVCODES
64 8P Pacific Coastal Airlines Limited ICAO: PCO, Callsign: Pasco, CDN AVCODES
65 8P Payam (IPTAS) ICAO: IRP, Callsign: Payamair, Designator 8P* recalled by IATA IR AVCODES
66 8P Trade Air d.o.o. ICAO: TDR, Callsign: Tradeair, IATA designator changed to C3. Aircraft painted in SunAdria Airlines c/s. HR AVCODES
67 8Q Onur Air Tasimacilik A/S ICAO: OHY, Callsign: Onur Air, Suspended operations in December 2021. Filed for Bankruptcy in April 2022. TR AVCODES
68 8Q Baker Aviation, Inc. ICAO: BAJ, Callsign: Baker Aviation, Designator 8Q* recalled by IATA. Designator 8Q* reinstated by IATA USA AVCODES
69 8Q Princess Air Plc ICAO: PRN, Callsign: Whisperjet, Ceased operations on 27 February 1991. GB AVCODES
70 8R TRIP Transporte Aereo Regional do Interior Paulista Ltda.   BR AVCODES
71 8R Air Alba Limited ICAO: RLB, Name changed to Highland Airways GB AVCODES
72 8R Edelweiss Air AG ICAO: EDW, Callsign: Edelweiss, IATA Prefix: 945, IATA Designator changed to WK. IATA desigantor changed 1I, then from 5H* CH AVCODES
73 8R SOL S.A. Lineas Aereas ICAO: OLS, Callsign: Flight SOL, IATA Prefix: 300, RA AVCODES
74 8R Regourd Aviation d/b/a Amelia ICAO: AIA, Callsign: Amelia, F AVCODES
75 8S Scorpio Aviation ICAO: SCP, Callsign: Scorpio, ET AVCODES
76 8S Salair, Inc. ICAO: SIR, Callsign: Salair, IATA designator 8S recalled by IATA. IATA designator 8S reinstated by IATA USA AVCODES
77 8S Air Alaska Cargo, Inc. Designator 8S recalled by IATA USA AVCODES
78 8S Shun Tak-China Travel Ship Management Ltd. IATA Prefix: 802, HK AVCODES
79 8T Air Tindi Ltd. ICAO: TIN, Callsign: Tindi, IATA Prefix: 744, CDN AVCODES
80 8U Afriqiyah Airways ICAO: AAW, Callsign: Afriqiyah, IATA Prefix: 546, LAR AVCODES
81 8U Simon Air ICAO: SIQ, Callsign: Simon, Designator 8U recalled by IATA LB AVCODES
82 8V Astral Aviation Ltd. ICAO: ACP, Callsign: Astral Cargo, IATA Prefix: 485, EAK AVCODES
83 8V Wright Air Service, Inc. ICAO: WRF, Callsign: Wright Flyer, USA AVCODES
84 8W BAX Global, Inc. Ceased operations in July 2011. Name change of name from Burlington Air Express USA AVCODES
85 8W Private Wings Flugcharter GmbH ICAO: PWF, Callsign: Private Wings, Designator 8W* recellad by IATA. D AVCODES
86 8W Aerocondor Transportes Aereos Lda. ICAO: ARD, IATA designator changed from 2B P AVCODES
87 8W Burlington Air Express Name change of name to BAX Global, Inc. USA AVCODES
88 8W Air Team A.S. ICAO: TTX, Callsign: Air Team, Designator 8W* recalled by IATA N AVCODES
89 8W Fly AllWays N.V. ICAO: EDR, Callsign: Birdview, IATA Prefix: 231, SME AVCODES
90 8X SiFly Compagnia Aerea ICAO: KWY, Callsign: Sifly, IATA designator changed to S6 I AVCODES
91 8Y Air Burundi ICAO: PBU, Callsign: Air Burundi, Formed as Societe de Transports A�riens du Burundi' and adopted the present name in June 1975. The airline was established in April 1971 and started operations in 1975. RU AVCODES
92 8Y China Postal Airlines Ltd. ICAO: CYZ, Callsign: China Postair, ICAO callsign changed to China Post. PRC AVCODES
93 8Y China Postal Airlines Ltd. ICAO: CYZ, Callsign: China Posta, IATA designator changed to CF. ICAO callsign changed from China Postair. PRC AVCODES
94 8Y Astro Air International Inc. ICAO: AAV, Callsign: Astro-Phil, Named changed to Astro Air International Inc. d/b/a Pan Pacific Airlines during 2016. RP AVCODES
95 8Y Astro Air International Inc. d/b/a Pan Pacific Airlines ICAO: AAV, Callsign: Astro-Phil, Named changed from Astro Air International Inc. during 2016 and commenced operations on 27 April 2017. RP AVCODES
96 8Y Ecuato Guineana de Aviación ICAO: GGE, Callsign: Ecuato Guinea, GQ AVCODES
97 8Z Linea Aerea de Servicio Ejecutivo Regional, C.A. ICAO: LER, Callsign: Laser, IATA designator changed from KZ* YV AVCODES
98 8Z Wizz Air Bulgaria Airlines EAD ICAO: WVL, Merged back into Wizz Air Hungary in 2011 BG AVCODES
99 8Z Congo Airways SA (CGA) ICAO: CGA, ZRE AVCODES